Women Ministry

Women Ministry plays a vital role in every ministry. JPM women ministry is an intentional ministry focused on encouraging our women in faith, community, Christian character and sound doctrine and equipping them to use their God given helper design to be channels of encouragement, compassion and mercy in Christ. Our desire is that our women in their marriages, their homes and their relationships are different not only because of the transforming power of God words and spirit, but also because of love and wisdom in our families and in our churches have poured into them.
In Pakistan women seems as weak creature. The rights of women in Pakistan as contrasted with man are alarming hopeless. She is a victim of violence. Women are thrown acid on their faces, buried alive on their births, young girls raped or forced marriages are some of the intolerable violence again the women. These are some of the alarming situations in Pakistan which needs serious consideration. Our ministry pay attention to eliminate such injustice with women and girls and also focus on the women rights in Pakistan, We believe that equal importance should be given to women as well so that women are encourage and empower to participate in every area of life.

The mission of our women ministry is to empower women in various stages if their lives that are seeking professionals and personal growth through venues that provide motivational awareness and mentoring. To encourage women to fulfill their call to a God given ministry of discipleship, stewardship and servant leadership via skill centers, networking, teaching, mentoring, workshops and conferences. Our mission is that a woman self esteem, self image and self confidence are greatly enhance as she learns her purpose, her various gifts and talents abilities which in result makes her a better mother, wife, sister and parent as well. We also believe that ministry is not limited to preaching or pastoring but if a women is teaching her children and taking care of her home that this is also a ministry. We have skill centers to empower women under the umbrella of Jesus Peace Ministries.

Goals and Purposes
¤ The goal of JPM women ministry is to provide a spiritual growth and development. Because we want every woman to know her identity and purpose in God.
¤ Strengthen the mission of true church by nurturing and encouraging women to become a leader of church.
¤ Provide training sessions, conducting seminars, and conferences to create a leadership among the women.
¤ We are also providing monthly grocery to widows under the umbrella of Jesus Peace Ministries Widow Care Project.
¤ We have teaching and training institution where we provide our women spiritual quality education in JPM Adult Education Center.
¤ We trained our young women to have wisdom as they pursue God honoring.
¤ We trained our married women as well to have a close walk with God and their husbands as a result of understanding  God’s purpose for marriage and improved communication with her husband.
¤ We also trained our mothers as a mom to be encouraged and better equipped as a mom as a result of understanding God’s role in parenting journey.
¤ To understand who she is in Christ in order to walk in the freedom and confidence of a redeemed child of God.
¤ To have a strong relationship with Christ as a result of having a knowledge of God’s word and a consistent prayer life.
When women ministry is life giving and supportive, the church will rise up and call these women blessed. Their works shall praise them in the gates (Proverbs 31:28:31).
Our vision of women’s ministry is to collectively work as a team and submit ourselves to Jesus Christ one another so that we may help one another grow into mature believer until we all reach unity in faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to become true women of God filled with Holy spirit as we served our family, church and community.